5 Reasons To Buy Your Own Domain Name To Your Blog

When you read Internet's most popular bloggers thoughts on what they would have done differently if you are only now starting to blog, then the acquisition of your own domain name is one of the most significant issues. Here are five good reasons to buy your own domain name as soon as you decide to start blogging with the thought that your blog can become a really popular.

You own your blog

When you write your blog to Blogger blogspot style blog platforms, only the blog you write is your own - all else is Blogger, blogspot or any other equivalent system property, and if you break any of their rules, they can terminate your account at any time, in which case there is the risk that the you will lose all your writing. This has actually happened to many popular bloggers, so please do not make the same mistake in the hope of saving a few dollars.

Credibility will be enhanced

Credibility is the biggest reason to buy your own domain blog. If your blog is such as Blogger or WordPress address below, is actually much more difficult to make your blog popular, to create a personal brand and image, as well as sell products for your readers.

Most of the blogger, blogspot and similar blog sites, blogs are of poor quality, these sites also affects the image at your own blog, if the address is of the form sharelancer.blogspot.com. Similarly, your own domain "sharelancer.com" evokes the same way, and the credibility of the mere fact that you have made ​​the effort to obtain your address is an indication of what is the amount of your contribution to your blog.

Domain and hosting does not cost much

A very good reason to get right from the start your own web address and hosting service for your blog is that it is very cheap and costs only a few dollars a month. We use GoDaddy.com, which has a good price quality ratio and whom a number of very popular web-sites trust.

Hosting your own domain itself brings flexibility

The hosting service refers to the fact that another party keep physically your web sites on their server, or the entire contents of your blog. When you have your own web address that you have purchased a hosting service, you have full control on what software to use your blog and what is the layout of your blog.

Once your blog starts to grow gradually, you will see how important flexibility is when you want to develop your blog forward and offer more and more new things for your readers in addition to mere blog posts.

You can sell your blog

If your blog or web sites become very popular and financially viable, you can sell it later much easier if your blog is on your own web address. Perhaps under the authority of someone else blog may be sold, but the perceived value is much smaller and more difficult to sell.

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