Improve Yourself – From A Self Employed Perspective

Adrian is a self-employed writer who covers just about anything on Sharelancer. Having been working on the micromanagement websites for more than seven years, Adrian has amassed a client base of more than 2,000 people. He has single handedly turned his career around from unemployment and a path of nothingness to a successful full-time writing business that is expanding all the time.

My own story isn’t one that was exactly planned – to tell you the truth, my experiences on blogging have come through merely working hard. In terms of writing experience, outside of writing for a Sharelancer blog I had absolutely none – I loved to write and improve myself with writing, but had no legitimate experience to do so for a living. However, with an employment bubble that was well and truly burst within the IT industry, my chances of finding a way to pay the bills were quite limited. I’d just university and had no real means of finding a job, as my only previous employment experience was in sales and retail!

Sick of trying to find work that wasn’t there, I decided that if nobody had a job out there I could get involved with I would simply need to make one for myself. This led to me heading over to Fiverr, to try and start a writing profile. Whilst the competition is absolutely massive and there’s no shortage of excellent writers on there, my goal was to merely make enough to pay the bills and eat – worry about the luxuries later.

Well, since then I’ve been able to make a career for myself that involves working seven days a week, but every day is enjoyable. I’m learning about new things, and becoming a more successful writer with every passing day. My own skills are developing, as are my means to deal with clients and offer the most comprehensive experience that I possibly can. Whilst I went into this with no real expectation or experience, I was able to create a positive enough impression with my first few clients to start moving up the rankings.

Fiverr is a hard website to get involved with, and it can take a lot of time to get your first run of sales. I was lucky enough that I seemed to catch a lot of people willing to give a newbie a chance, as I’ve seen many friends and family try this and not see much success from their efforts. However, with enough pushing and enough probing – and getting those vital first few jobs dealt with in a positive fashion – you can certainly improve yourself and find a way of really pushing yourself up the rankings and making a strong career for yourself.

Even if it’s not writing that you are into, Fiverr is a place for those with determination and a willingness to learn. So long as you are capable of delivering on what you say you will, Fiverr is the perfect place to start developing yourself. As a place to help me become a better writer, pay the bills and then some, and actually live a comfortable life that is far beyond anything I would have been enjoying had I found full-time employment, things couldn’t have worked out better.

If you are PC friendly, or are willing to and learn how to be, and are sick of not having enough to show for your talents then you should head over to Fiverr. It’s the place to be for those who want to improve yourself at something and have the determination to actually put their skills online!

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