How Simple Folk Become Millionaires

what type of investor are you
There was a piece of news that surfaced a while back. The article talked about a simple man that worked for 25 years at a gas station and managed to build a fortune of $7 million. How can a person with a modest salary become so wealthy?

The answer is quite simple and there is no secret to it. By starting to invest early, he was able to retire as a rich man. Becoming wealthy is someone that anyone can achieve if they know how to use their money. Investing is how everyday workers become rich while the ones that keep their money under the mattress remain poor.

There is a saying that the best time to start investing is yesterday. Time is the biggest driver for wealth but it also matters how the money is used. There are plenty of financial assets that can return gains and these days.

What Type of Investor Are You?

There are plenty of ways to invest. Whenever someone buys an asset, be it gold, silver, stocks, or cryptocurrency, they are trading. Trading can be short and long term. Short term traders usually do not invest in a company or commodity to hold it for their growth potential. They buy and sell the stock to generate a quick profit based on price fluctuations.

Traders or that hold an asset for the long run, invest because they believe that it will grow over time. With precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, prices always go up. Depending on economic situations, growth can accelerate or slow down.

For stocks, things are a bit different. Investing in stocks can be done in multiple ways. There is few examples like binary options and day trading or just holding the assed over long periods.

What Most People Do

Investing is not for everyone and day trading requires a particular kind of individual, to begin with. It requires a different kind of skill to make a profit from day trading rather than from investing in stocks.

Most people choose to invest in stocks and precious metals rather than cryptocurrencies. The younger investors tend to buy bitcoins but also spend their savings on stocks. Most people that invest in stocks and precious metals hold them for years. If the money is invested in growth stocks or companies that have a competitive advantage, they will always increase in value.

A new interesting strategy is dividend growth investing. This strategy requires the investor to only buy stocks that pay a dividend and reinvest that dividend by buying more stocks. Dividend-paying stocks have stocks that appreciate slower than growth stocks. When factoring in dividend reinvesting, dividend growth investors always beat the market in terms of gains. The most interesting aspect is that such a portfolio will generate a monthly revenue for life while still owning the underlying asset.

Beating the Market

To put it simply, everyone wants to have their money work for them. Investing in precious metals like silver coins, gold coins, platinum and palladium can be quite lucrative and the safest approach is to invest in the long run.

Time is the most important asset for every investor. It is what makes people rich. As history has proven time and time again, people that did not liquidate their investments and rode out a recession always recovered and continued growing their wealth. If anything, when times are harsh and assets are depreciating, the best thing to do is buy more stocks or commodities if they have the potential to grow.

The way to look at investments is like owning a house. If the house depreciates you do not rush to sell it because you will sell it below the price you got it for. What you do is keep living in the house and wait for the rough times to pass. The house will appreciate again and continue increasing in value. Investing is the same and the most successful investors always bet on buying stocks and other financial assets such as gold ira to hold them for years. 

People like Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Ray Dalio, Carl Icahn, and many others became rich for buying stocks in companies they understood and believed in intending to hold the stock for many years. If there would have been a better way to generate wealth such as day trading, certainly we would have at least one billionaire that made a career from day trading but sadly that is not a reality.

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